September 12, 2011
Hello my sweet lovelies!

I purchased my very first E.L.F Eyeshadow Quad and E.L.F eyeshadows! *gasp!* Can you believeeeee I didnt own any before this!? *it's okay, you can smack me!*

I have a Target about 3.9569475698456 minutes from my house and mind you, I DO venture there every couple days! I really dont get how someone can shop every single day of their lives - I do keep asking myself that question, but the guilty pleasure, shopaholics anonymous, problem spending side of me refuses to answer. I WILL have to file for bankruptcy one day, or maybe I'll be able to sell everything and get my money back? Or, maybe I am just talking like a moron and should enjoy all the crap I buy and shut up! I'llllll take Option 3 please, with a Tall Double Chocolate Chip from Starbucks, THANKS!

No, really... these eyeshadows ROCK! I own just about everything else from E.L.F, but I havent read many reviews on their eyeshadows nor have I even attempted to purchase and review them myself - so finally purchasing them, excited me!

The color range at Target is not excessive. I purchased every single one they had except for 3. I cant tell you the names of the ones I didnt purchase but I do remember one was a sparkly black, and the other two were highlight colors. I wasnt really intrigued by either due to the fact that I own about 7 "sparkly black" colors and about 15 highlight colors. I dont use them often and didnt want to buy anymore either.

Here are some swatches from individual eyeshadows I purchased!

They are SUPER pigmented! When I swatched these I dipped my finger once, and swiped and this is the color it gave me. They are smooth too, which is a plus for me. I'm not really keen on chalky eyeshadows. Honestly, some MAC Eyeshadows are chalky, and I cant stand them! :/

I LOVE these colors.. makes me super ready for fall! Each eyeshadow cost $1.00. I just love how inexpensive they are and really good quality! I havent used them yet, so I am not sure how they are going to withstand, or if there is excess fallout, but once I do, I'll definitely do a post on it!

Along with these eyeshadows, I purchased the E.L.F Eyeshadow Quad to store these individual eyeshadows. They only store 4 eyeshadows and since I am used to my MAC Palettes where I store about 20 eyeshadows in one case, I figured I'd try and do the same with this little palette. I made an attempt and it worked out pretty well!

Here's what I did!

I removed the inside eyeshadow placement holder thingy-ma-jig. (I used a Makeup Spatula - I received the infamous spatula when I attended the Makeup Academy, but it serves for other purposes as well, AS YOU CAN SEE, haha) You see it clearly can hold 4 eyeshadows perfectly, but I somehow felt that wasn't good enough. Go figure!

By removing the "thingy-ma-jig" I was able to fit one more eyeshadow! Hey, whatever works, right? I would have had one lose eyeshadow hanging around if I didnt remove the insert inside. It was so simple to remove and even went back in after I removed it. In future when I collect more, if I decide to keep 4 eyeshadows in each quad, I can just put it back in! 1 Brownie Point for consolidation skills!

Have any of you done this before? Or have other tips for me!? 



MaviDeniz said...

ooh thats a good idea about poping the tray out. I have a few of their shadows, the one highlight color i have from elf is my all time favorite highlight ever :)


Meredith Paige said...

I absolutely love your blog and follow you on bloglovin :) Keep the great posts coming!

PolaBerry said...

great post! I started using elf shadows last year and like them a lot!

Nail Art Epicness said...

Haha I love your posts. So silly. I love ELF! Like you said they are inexpensive. A lot of my make brushes I have are ELF =]

LC said...

Thanks ladies!!


Jenn said...

such a great idea love!! All the colors are soo pretty for the fall.

Jenn said...

I love how your blog has all the leopard, you can tell your a Jersey girl, haha loving it :) xo

Jenn said...

I know this is my 3rd comment on your page but I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your about you page was. You are seriously so strong and so beautiful its really amazing to see how you look at life so beautifully. It really was a touching story and just makes me really appreciate & like ya that much more :)

Bonnie C. said...

I have one of these palettes and I so love this idea of yours, can I totally copy you!?!?!? It is so late right now but I am really wanting to do this before I go to bed. You're a genius! :-)


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